Ami Brown – editing and more

Ami is a full time screenwriter, script polisher, script doctor and provides script coverage for production companies. She ghost-writes and also adapts novels into screenplays. She also loves to paint in her spare time. She currently lives on the East Coast and writes daily. Her inspirations come from some of her favorite films: The Shining is her all time favorite movie.

Comedy, character development and dialogue are her strong suits. She loves taking a general idea and forming it into an amazing screenplay, short film or TV show.

She has written several features, shorts, TV Pilots and special projects. You can contact Ami with details about your project and get a quote.

*WORD DANCER NOTE: Ami is the one I go to for proofreading to catch all those nasty little typos!

Some standard rates:
-Grammar/spelling/light editing of word choice – $3 per page.
-Formatting into Final Draft (from Word, txt or PDF – does not include editing) – $2.50 per page
-Full dialogue re-writes and heavy editing – $10 per page (formatting into Final Draft is additional $1 per page)

I'm interested in a quote/estimate for:

proofreadingeditingformattingdialogue polishother

Other editable formats can be sent later through e-mail.